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Anonymous and Fast Browsing

Most of you out there who visit this site use them in one form of another. However for those of you native to Internet Explorer, you would know how much of a pain it is to change Proxies. The fact half the time you need to restart Internet Explorer is a pain in itself.

So then on the other side you might be an active user of Firefox, which is not only faster for browsing, less prone to getting Spyware, but also more Proxy friendly.

The problem is that you may need to Switch Proxies quite regularly, so you are stuck going into your options all the time just to switch Proxies. So what is the answer? The free SwitchProxy Addon for Firefox ofcourse.

The first thing you need to do if you already havent is get Firefox and install it. Even if you dont like the plugin its still an excellent Browser and one I Insomniac always use when I am testing Proxies.

After you have Firefox installed, the next steps are really quite simple. The first thing to do to get the Plugin is to just load this page up in Firefox again, and click this link.

The first thing you will get is a little box at the top telling you Software Installation is disabled like the following:

In the following menu click 'Allow web sites to install software' as shown:

Now you have to click the install link once more, and the following will popup, just click 'Allow':

After that you should see it in the list like the following:

Now you need to click the install link for the last time, you should get a box like the following pop up, just click 'Install Now' to finish installing the Plugin:

A window like the following will show, which means the Plugin is downloading and installing, once done just close the pop up:

After this is done the Plugin is installed, close and restart Firefox, and you will get a nice Toolbar up top like this:

On the Toolbar click 'Add' and then select 'Anonymous' and click 'Next':

Now you will get a really cool box like the following, type a Proxy Label, and import a file in the format 'IP:Port'. Deselect all the options at the bottom which dont apply to your Proxies, and click 'Save':

Now just select the group you made from the Toolbar and click 'Apply':

You are now using the Proxies you put in the list and should get something like the following:

I recommend you check the Proxies before importing them, as you will have a problem with low quality lists. This Plugin works extremely well however, and I thoroughly recommend its use.