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NEW! Version 1.0 just released! Now supports auto proxy loading!


Welcome to the IRC Insomnia, the easiest IRC Proxy Applicaton available. Installation and usage requires just 3 simple steps.

If you wish to make any suggestions, or submit any bug reports please send them to

IRC Insomnia v1.0


Extract IRC Insomnia to a directory of your choice. If your IRC Client is mIRC type the following into the Status panel depending on the Proxy type you wish to use:

/firewall -cm4 on 7300
/firewall -cm5 on 7300
/firewall -cmp on 7300
This can be seen in the image below:

Now load your Proxy.txt file with proxies in the format IP:Port as shown below (Note: Hostnames are rejected):

Now run IRCInsomnia.exe and click on the Open button in the bottom left corner as shown in:

If all worked properly, you should be left with a window similar to this:

Lastly while IRC Insomnia is running you can find it in the System Tray as follows:

For any other IRC Client simply point your Client's Proxy Settings to To disable IRC Insomnia simply type the following in mIRC:

/firewall off